We are the group MOMENT, a collective of musicians and dancers. We develop surprises.

Contemporary music and dance – theatrical ways of sound and dance connected to our time.


Creaking, jumping, jumping silently, chaining together one another in order to build tones to walls – whoever hears it has the chance to stop the thinking – and discovery a story:
Topics and ideas of our time from the contemporary music and dance worlds we put together with stories that that formed the history of culture in all times. We shed more light on them from the point of view of our generaton, we want to let everybody feel their meaning.
In our perfromances, the audience is often a part of the process. The border between artist and audience tends to fall apart.
Since our first collaboration in 2014 we present our pieces often without a stage or in public spaces. Every emotional reaction should be felt directly – for us and you!

Current: Here is a trailer of our recent movement and sound – research “Teilmenge” here.


Contact and requests

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