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Artists currently performing with Gruppe Moment:

Tim Čečatka – Dance

Tim Čečatka is a dancer and choreographer from Essen. After his studies in the Folkwang Art University (2010-14), he started to work between different genres, from classical ballet to modern contemporary dance, from folklore to urban dance (breakdance, hip-hop, capoeira). He also mixes in elements of acrobatics and circus). Next to his work as a choreographer, mostly influence by the dance theater, Tim Čečatka also works in the field of contact improvisation. His passion is connecting differenc disciplines and working closely with musicians and media artists. 

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Camila Scholtbach – Dance

Dancer Camila Scholtbach was born in Chile, where she also studied ballet and contemporary dance. She worked as an assistant professor of dance and fitness / dance floor work in Chile and Germany. She combines charisma with a variety of dance techniques, such as breakdance, rumba, modern dance, GoGo. Since 2018 she lives and works in Essen, actively participating in the Dancehouse NRW (Dusseldorf), as well as performing on festivals and in musicals, in both Europe and South America.

Leonhard Huhn – Saxophone

Leonhard Huhn studied in Cologle abd works as saxophone player, improviser and performer. His music integrates acoustic sound with electronic muisc. He is highly influenced by jazz, electronic and classical music, experiemental music, as well as the sounds he collected during his travels. He plays in a number of bands and ensambles throughout Europe. He is a co-founder of a Cologne-based collective IMPAKT. 

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Christian Börsing – Synthesizer and piano

After studying to become a composer, Christian Börsing found himself as organist, electronic musician and performer. He creates multimedia performances with video installations, that are shown in places such as Zeche Zollverein and Art Station St.Peter in the North of Germany. As part of Gruppe Moment he plays piano and develops sound installations with analogue synthesisers and microphones. 

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Daniela Petry – Composition & contrabass

Daniela Petry recieved classical music education. She therefore combines classical Contrabass with her various experiences in the realm of contemporary music and improvisation, as well as jazz. All of that makes her one of the most multifaceted and versatile contrabass players of our time. After moving to the North-West of Germany in 2013, she founded Gruppe Moment, with the help of the grant “Presence on space” (“Präsenz vor Ort”). After being busy with concert work as a part of various ensembles in Mexico, Turkey and Poland, she is now concentrating on her own ideas in the areas of sound, dramaturgy,  and improvisation in interdisciplinary contexts.

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Norman Jankowski – Percussion and performance

Norman Jankowski has been active as drummer in famous ensembles likeAkram Khan Company and with Hofesh Shechterist for the last 15 years. He lived in Spain and Brazil, where he was highly influenced by the local contemporary and folklore music. He combines fine sounds with rhythm, and music with peformance. 

Samirah Al-Amrie (chi changé) – Vocals and performance

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Bisher waren unsere Gäste:

Fuuko Shimazaki – Dance

Ute Völker – Accordion

Mascha Corman – Vocals

Florian Walter – Composition and  saxophone

Elisabeth Coudoux – Cello

Lan Cao – Piano

Shasta Ellenbogen – Viola

Mischa Esch – Saxophone

Floria Nica – Guitar

Valentina Schulte-Ladbeck – Dance