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We create side projects parallel to our topics, to which we invite you.

Current: youghost

Daniela Petry on double bass and Sebastian Wendt on bass clarinet composed music together. A series of short pieces called Berggeisterminiaturen has emerged, they will appear in the piece StrassenGeister:

Sounds about the essence of characters from the underworld. Since – according to some sagas – these beings always act together with one another or with people, we invite you:

Dance, sing, film, paint, draw, run, talk about it, or whatever you can think of. We will build a collage out of it and invite you as guests of honor to the premiere of StrassenGeister in June.

The first thing you see is the original video.

You can participate very easily by listening to it with headphones and making your own video. You send that to us as a facebook post in this thread, or email / upload or contact We publish the videos here as tiles. By making the video available to us, we assume that we are also allowed to publish it here for the purpose of this project.