CROSSMiND dance & music // Performance – Workshop

Registration for the next workshop will start immediately in mid-February 2022!

At the CROSSMiND workshop you will become a well-rehearsed creative group with professional performance artists. Together you develop your own ideas and turn them into building blocks for a stage play ready for performance.
UPDATE CORONA in Essen: You are safe with us! We have an effective hygiene concept, our rehearsal room enables contactlessness and more than the prescribed distances.

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Whether you sing, dance or have an instrument with you: openness and fun are more important than prior knowledge and experience.
A special highlight awaits you at the end. Together with us you will present the jointly developed performance in front of a public audience.
Participation is free, so dare to take part before all seats are gone!

The most important things at a glance:

Music and dance workshop followed by a live performance

When and where?
02/10 18-21h, 02/11. 18-21h, 12.02. 12pm - 2pm, February 17th 18-21h

The rehearsal location in downtown Essen will be announced!
Performance: 02/17/22 8 p.m. Am-Vieh Theater Essen

Who can take part?
Anyone who can get excited about music and / or dance. Basic knowledge is completely sufficient.
Performance means that not only musicians or dancers act individually, but that you are on stage with a common mission. Musical or dance styles are unimportant as a prerequisite.

Participation is free. - we have sponsors!

Which professionals do I work with?
Mascha Corman - vocals
Daniela Petry - string instruments (guitar, bass, ..)
Sebastian Wendt - wind instruments, electronics
Norman Jankowski - Percussions
Danilo Cardoso - choreography and dance

Anlamadim ?! Problem degil, biraz Türkce conusioruz (:

Registration and information: Tel: 017624022904 Mail: Contact

How does the hygiene concept work? 
Take a look here: crossmind hygiene concept


That was CROSSMiND in October 2020:

Participants and the team of lecturers combined sound art, improvisation and pop songs with dance and movement and set impulses for everyone involved plus the audience. We are so happy that so many were able to take part!

A few impressions, photos by Brigitte Krämer:



CROSSMiND is music and dance by and with you and us. All cooperation partners want to give an impulse for human cooperation and joint action between 
cultures and generations in these times.
As in real life, CROSSMiND communicates in a variety of ways. Spontaneous impulses and sound imitations alternate with longer, deeper passages. 
There is a constant exchange between perspectives, ideas and people. By listening to one another, a lively community is created in addition to the stage play itself, 
which connects talents and personalities with one another.

We embrace perspectives: As citizens of a German economic region and european citizens, we are culturally and politically on an island! Through joint actions 
as well as the presentation of the ideas brought in by all participants, other perspectives become visible and spaces for exchange are created.
Yeah be there!

A project by Labor519 in cooperation with Gruppe Moment and other local initiatives in Essen / Steele and the city center.
Active cooperation partners: Labor 519 according to V., Steele bleibt bunt
Sponsors: Kulturamt Essen, Allbau Foundation for Culture

Registration and information: Tel: 017624022904 Mail: Contact