A mythological creature Trivia – known as Hekate in the ancient Greek mythology and as Heqet in ancient Egypt – is being portrayed through musical and dance theater. As is normal for cult cultures, the story tells of victimization, murder, fatally important decisions, escape, transformation, freedom.

Gruppe Moment
Sebastian Wendt – Bassclarinet
Daniela Petry – Contrabass
Danielo Cardoso – Dance
 & Gäste.:
Leonhard Huhn – Saxophone
Shasta Ellenbogen – Viola
Eva Maria Mitter – Accordeon
Vincent Franken – Camera Marcus Reineboth – Sound direction

Gruppe Moment will contribute something new to your perception of that 4000-old story, the way different cultural epochs changed it for humanity. The character that is being portrayed unites conflicting opposites. Improvisation and composition/choreography, architecture and wilderness, emotional turmoil and control, participation and ostracism, hierarchy and the end thereof.

TRIVIA contains improvised music and the following compositions:

J. Cage (1912-1992) – Ryōan-ji, 1983 adapted for kb, vla, sax, perc.

D.Petry – choose123 for sax, acc, vla, kb, (supported by „blue & grey“ R. Saunders (*1967), original for contrabass duet)

S. Gubaidulina (*1931) In croce (1979) adapted for acc/kb,

S. Corbett (*1960) – Strange Roses for acc, kb,

S. Odeh-Tamimi (*1970) – Ratháa for acc, kb (with perc), Arrangement for Trio

Ayuo (*1960) – Eurasian Tango (1998) adapted for sax, vla, acc, kb

G. Grisey (1946-1998) – Prologue for solo viola/ adapted and supported by acc, sax, vla

C. Meijering (*1954) – The Swing of the thing (1990) vla, acc, kb.