The group

Artists currently performing with Gruppe Moment:

DANIELA PETRY - doublebass

Daniela Petry thinks you can tell stories with deep tones.

As a classically trained double bass player with a special interest and diverse experience in the field of contemporary music, contemporary improvisation and jazz, she is one of the most genre-wise diverse double bass players of her generation. Moved to North Rhine-Westphalia in 2013, where she founded the “Moment Group” she was granted 2016 the “Presence vor Ort” stipend from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and in 2018 the “Individual Artist Funding” from the “European center for creative economy” – which allowed her to reserve a lot of passion for this collective. After international concerts with many ensembles, e.g. in Mexico, Turkey and Poland, she is now focusing on her own ideas on sound as a composer/performer in modern music theater.



FRANCESCO MATEJCEK - dance, physical theatre

Francesco Matejcek – took the sun into the “pott”.

From an Italian – Baden-Württembergian (south Germany) family, Francesco came to Essen to study “physical – theater” and has always been collecting ideas for dance, theater and his own directing work. In 2020 you will be part of the group Moments for the “Strassengeister” project, we are also developing current productions together.





The most beautiful noise art with strings and other objects.

The Brit studied cello and contemporary music in Essen and has been commuting between North Rhine-Westphalia, Manchester and wherever else he takes his ideas and formations from performance, improvisation and contemporary music for several years. Robert plays chamber music worldwide, such as in 2018/19 in South Korea at the Youngnam Contemporary music festival, the Daegu Contemporary music festival, the Nasz Festival in Poland and the Beethovenfest





Hanna Schörken (* 1985, Duisburg) is a singer at the intersection of free improvised music, jazz and electronic music. She first studied English and French literature at the University of Bonn. From 2008 to 2011 she studied jazz singing at the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Enschede and continued her studies at the Institute of Music in Osnabrück and at the Conservatoire de Lyon (BA degree). Her studies continued at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (MA degree). In 2016, her debut album Filán was released. Other CD releases with Leo Records and Umland Records, among others. Concerts throughout Europe, USA, Leban





Bettina Nampé – explores the individual process of collective thought

Bettina Nampé has been back in Cologne/ Germany from Argentina for a few years. She studied contemporary dance in both places and works from there throughout Germany and Europe. For many years she has been researching and developing her formats inspired by rave culture, where she finds a certain kind of freedom and projects it.




KONSTANTIN HEUER - electronics

in project: Teilmenge/subset

Konstantin composes electronic and acoustic music, body impulses and auditory trance for the audience, 
techno, improvisation and contemporary music in an informal combination.
Born in Leipzig, he studied composition in Rostock, The Hague and Stuttgart with Marco Stroppa and Marc Sabat, 
lived as an artist in residence in the Shangyuan Art District, Beijing, and the Cité des arts, Paris.
His contemporary works are performed by Klangforum Wien and many others. 
He develops electronic music for dance companies and as crossover projects in Europe, 
some of his electronic stuff is published as tsimtsum: ->

Electronic music alias tsimtsum for listening
We are looking forward to August 27, 2022 in Duisburg!




Dancer Camila Scholtbach was born in Chile, where she also studied ballet and contemporary dance. She worked as an assistant professor of dance and fitness / dance floor work in Chile and Germany. She combines charisma with a variety of dance techniques, such as breakdance, rumba, modern dance, GoGo. Since 2018 she lives and works in Essen, actively participating in the Dancehouse NRW (Dusseldorf), as well as performing on festivals and in musicals, in both Europe and South America




SEBASTIAN WENDT, composition, electronics

Sebastian Ribeiro Albuquerque Wendt not only has a long name, he can also do many great things.

He studied clarinet in Hanover, composition and electronic music in Essen and works as a clarinetist, improviser and performer and builds electro-acoustic instruments. His music and performances are connected through acoustic and electronic sounds. His influences range from Igorr to Brötzmann to Ferneyhough, classical music, experimental rock and sounds he has collected on many trips. He plays in ensembles throughout Europe and is a founding member of the “Orchester im treppenhaus”. He composes moment notes, improvisation sketches and develops live electronics for the group.




FRAUKE MEYER - regie / scenic direction

Born in Dresden, she lives in Cologne and works as a freelance director, dramaturgical project developer and artistic. production manager. She studied musical theater directing at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg. She then worked at the San Francisco Opera and the Theater Basel, where she took her first steps as a director. From 2005 to 2013 she was stage director at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and worked as a freelance director for the Dortmund Theater and the Potsdam Winter Opera, among others. Since 2014 she has been working as a freelance director, project developer, artistic Project manager and lecturer and worked at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Bavarian State Opera, the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, the Cologne Festival for Early Music, the Festival “NOW” for New Music, the Theater Bonn, the Choir Association NRW, the Klangkunstfestival bonnhoeren and the Linz Art University.




Phaedra Pisimisi is a world citizen and lives in mobile Düsseldorf.

Born in Los Angeles, she completed professional dance training in contemporary dance and ballet at the Despoina Gregoriadou Professional Dance School. Since 2015 she has been the head choreographer of the Echodrama Cultural Group Athens. Her piece “company” premiered at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. She has lived in Düsseldorf since 2011 and works in improvisation, performance and cultural integration projects.




Artists in previous productions cooperating with Gruppe Moment:

Norman Jankowski – Performance, Percussion

Tamon Yashima – Oboe, Live-Elektronik

Danilo Cardoso – Tanz

Christian Börsing – Piano, Synthesizer

Fuuko Shimazaki – Dance

Leonard Huhn – Saxophone

Ute Völker – Accordion

Mascha Corman – Vocals

Florian Walter – Composition and  saxophone

Elisabeth Coudoux – Cello

Lan Cao – Piano

Shasta Ellenbogen – Viola

Mischa Esch – Saxophone

Floria Nica – Guitar

Valentina Schulte-Ladbeck – Dance