INTERACTION: Be in contact, participate, let's be creative together!

We think of side projects parallel to our topics, to which we invite you.

The INTERAKTION for a project in 2022 is still in progress and will be published here soon. We will inform you via fb and insta.


Last INTERACTION to street ghosts:

Daniela Petry on double bass and Sebastian Wendt on bass clarinet composed music together.

A series of short pieces called Berggeisterminiaturen were created; they appear inStrassengeister: 
Sounds about the essence of characters from the underworld. Since these beings always act together with others or with people, we invite you:

Dance, sing, film, paint, draw, run, talk about it, or whatever you can think of. 

The first thing you will see is the original video. You can take part very easily by listening to it with headphones and making your own video.

You send that to us as a facebook post in this post, or email / upload or contact

Great sounds and noises were created that inspired us for the entire performance. Was fun to be in touch!