Concept and Idea

Here we are! The artists, well-educated, and fueled by the ocean of ideas from composers, choreographers, writers, directors and other great minds. We both grew beyond those ideas and found a stable base in them.

We are those who could react: Hiding contemporary art and culture behind keywords like “Avant-garde” and lock it away in museums and galleries is not our way. We want to communicate and spread its ideas. Push them around the corner, along the street, to the hear-and-now. On different places the way it should be in our opinion: through stories. For stories offer the best inside in the nature of all things. 

We realized that descriptive names such as “ensemble”, “band”, “interdisciplinary project” etc. are too narrow for our ideas, and so we call ourselves a Group (Gruppe). For similar reasons we avoid categories like “creative music”, “composer performer”, “freejazz” and “modern dance”. Creating, composing, improvising means freedom in every genre and every discipline.

The German word “Freiheit” (freedom) comes from an Indo-Germanic root and means “being among friends”. 

For us it means keeping a firm ground under our ideas, while collaboratively developing statements that reflect the political and social phenomenons. Those statements might be composed by us completely, or be based on works of others, but always with regard to our point of view. Together, we create improvisational formates to accomodate our thoughts. Clear concepts are therefore translated into playful abstractions, and so become entertaining. Is it an unrealistic utopia or a very real process? You can only find out by seeing us life.