Yes, new project series:

Places of subculture are getting a CONTEXTBOX.

Interviews with people who frequent these places and our music as a radio play can be listened to on site.

The series kicks off on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 4 PM at GREND in beautiful Essen-Steele.

Come by, enjoy a spritzer in the lovely summer garden, and inaugurate the Context-Box with us and a little concert.

For the inauguration, there will be live music by Daniela Petry and Robert Beck.

The first 10 guests will receive a surprise box as a gift!

The radio play:

Robert Beck, clarinets

Daniela Petry, double bass

Norman Jankowski, percussion

Konstantin Heuer, electronics

Leon Alexey Schirdewahn-Debring, radio play editing

Sebastian Steinhauer-Dsenne – stage design / construction and design of the box

The interviewees:

Johannes Brackmann, Daniela Petry, Arnd Hepprich, Claudio Gnypeck, Gemma Russo-Birke

CONTEXTBOX is supported by the Allbau Foundation-Essen, in cooperation with Labor519 e.V. and the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW.