Meetings at Labor #4 Rein damit (In!)

Performance with two dancers, two musicians and a wall outside.


Monday, 12 th of June 2017 19:30 @Labor 519 Essen

Gruppe Moment

Dance and choreography:  Danilo Cardoso

Piano, synthesiser, sound installation: Christian Börsing

Contrabass and concept: Daniela Petry

guest: Tim Čečatka,dance


Schmitters – Ursonate (Börsing), Scodanibbio – Farwell (Petry)

graphical scores for music & dance (Petry)


Two musicians and two dancers in the middle of the audience. With In (Rein damit) we want to stage the way we all survive, each in our individual way. By perceiving, filtering, sorting, scattering, empowering ourselves. There are walls everywhere, but the Self keeps going through and beyond them, keeps placing itself together yet again. The Self in transformation, that keeps rolling out the carpets for itself, but then turning away from them and getting inspired for the next step – in a completely new direction.

One story is told, different for each person in the audience. What do we need individuality for and in which way are we all the same at the end? Where do we need borders, and where do we find similarities through opposition? This evening everything can go in. Both in the heart and in the brain.