Meetings at Labor #5 Transformation! (Wandel!) | Čečatka, Scholtbach, Huhn, Petry, Börsing

Performance with two dancers, three musicians and reversible transformations.

Monday, 16th of October2017 19:30h @Labor 519 Essen

Dance and choreography: Tim Čečatka, Camila Scholtbach

Piano, synthesiser and sound installation: Christian Börsing

Contrabass and concept: Daniela Petry

Saxophone: Leonhard Huhn

Three musicians and two dancers in the middle of the audience. Using transformations in nature as an inspiration, we talk about relationships between humans. Big changes or tiny steps – each of us gets transformed throughout our lifetime, just like the nature we are all parts of.

What does Hoelderlin, a poet who spent 35 years living secluded in a tower, have to do with a shop in Essen? Throughout the last 100 years this sop saw vegetables, then antiques, then tanning beds, then insurances, and now “culture”. The artists are telling a story of how it all changes – we can all see it with our naked eye! Isn’t that what the Buddhist “ Wheel of Life” is all about?

What is interesting, is that everyone though the poet in the tower was an odd one. Up until the 60s. Why? How did the time transform perception? How do “new music”, new dance, new statements, new openness appear? Transformation! is dance music with sensuality, a representation for all senses. The story contains inspirations from chamber music of modern and contemporary composers, such as Luigi Nono and Rebecca Saunders.