Meetings at Labor #6 de-Transformation (um-Wandel) | Čečatka, Scholtbach, Huhn, Petry, Börsing

Performance with two dancers and three musicians.

Dance – Camila Scholtbach, Phaedra Pisimisi

Contrabass – Daniela Petry

Clarinette, sound installation – Sebastian Wendt

direction – Frauke Meyer

Photos from Mülheim, makroscope e.V. (2019):

OTHER VERSION: For young audiences – in case, one guesses that contemporary music for the primary school age is difficult – here it happens:

Dance, Choreographie: Tim Čečatka, Camila Scholtbach
Piano, Synthesizer: Christian Börsing
Contrabass: Daniela Petry
Saxophone: Leonhard Huhn
Camera/ Dokumentation (2018 in Essen): Mathilde Reichmuth

Thanks for financial support: Kulturbüro Essen, landesbüro tanz NRW, musikfonds.e.V.


Transformations – big and small, inside and outside of us, imposed or self-induced, hidden from the world outside or obvious – are omnipresent.

Ideas of how our life is and should be demand constant transformation, sometimes radical and sometimes boring, sometimes big and other times small. Sometimes seen very differently by different observers.

During the de-Transformation the observers become part of the whole, the outside, the external perception of everything that happens between us, the actors. A few surprises are awaiting you, so expect an exciting evening full of interaction, stories, wild sounds and dramatic dance.