SPATIAL is an invitation to a unknown place

A room becomes a subject, its appearance is immediately grasped – door open, one step in, everything clear. – True? Isn’t what we see and hear dependent on ourselves? From our current constitution, from our culture and nature?

Perhaps the promise of marketing campaigns “We’ll show you what a hammer is” is complete nonsense – after all, the perception filter is in front of the hammer.

SPATIAL is a sound performance in three parts

– If this is true, the knowledge about sound and movement would always revolve around the self, there was nothing new to hear at concerts, on the radio, on the street. Still true?

In any case, the purpose of material and space changes this weekend in Julia Weinstock’s costume studio. Everything is reinterpreted, sorted according to phenomenological ideas.

To put it simply: the attention also changes for the improvising performers, there is a structure, a process for music and performance. This is filled with interpretation, implemented anew each time, and what has been composed is placed in new contexts.

Improvisation – one could say – is a constant perceptual ping-pong between audience, location, performer, moment, action, reaction, what has been learned, what is overheard, what is well-founded, what is fleeting.

2 work-in-progress performances, then a finale. – Come, come, see a magical alternation between sound, movement, objects, the big picture and many transitions.

Then there’s the owner of the costume studio, who goes about her business, which is part of the big picture: costumes consist of tons of material, of arranging and rearranging. In the end, even a carpet will be something different than before.


MOMENT – zu Gast at Julia´s

Robert Beck – Clarinet / Performance

Francesco Matejcek – Physical theatre

Daniela Petry – Double bass / Performance

Maria Muñoz – Violin / Performance

Julia Weinstock – Performance


23.09.23 work in progress 2-3 p.m. and 8-9 p.m.,

24.9.23 PREMIERE 5-6pm



Enno Poppe – Twelve, 2014, for cello solo (recorded for kb D. Petry)

Johannes Maria Staud – Black Moon (excerpts) 1998, for bass clarinet solo

Maria Muñoz Lopez – tba for violin and live electronics

Daniela Petry – Los, 2018, at least three performers for open cast


Atelier Julia Weinstock, Mülheimerstrasse 67, 45145 Essen

Reservations (very limited seating) CONTACT


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September 6, 2023