Teilmenge (subset)

(photos D.-T. Bombosch)


next performance: 27.08.22 20h Künstlerforum Bonn

Hanna Schörken – Voice,

Robert Wheatley – Cello

Daniela Petry – Kontrabass

Bettina Nampé, Maayan Reiter und Gäste – Dance

Konstantin Heuer, Electronic



D. Lang/bangonacan – stuttered chant (2011) for violoncello and perciussion

K. Heuer – Modell – Zyklus a (2022) für open ensemble and choreografie

Inspirations from

G. Scelsi – Dharana

S. Scodanibbio – Alisei


is a process that started in 2022 and has been performed regularly since February. With the project we present fractals.
Fractals are geometric shapes that describe nature as a whole by infinitely repeating themselves.

A program for different casts and collaborations, contemporary but far from daily-politics or subjective references.

Fascinating ideas from science:

Our improvisation sketch contains a section of the Newton fractal. A specific range from a subset that, in short, has the goal of finding 0-places.
– A fictional place where “everything” begins anew, which is constantly being narrowed down but can never really be located in the context of this search.

In a visualized section, there are three areas that seem to revolve around each other, combine aesthetically,
always appearing and disappearing in the same way in their connections, without it appearing mechanically repetitive.


A short trailer of “Teilmenge #1” is here:

We are grateful and happy about a grant for this research process: It was supported by FEBII of the music fund as part of NEUSTARTKULTUR / the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media.