Triff is a challenge to ourselves and everyone.

We encounter ensembles and connections from other regions and genres. Our world of free improvisation and abstract dramaturgy meets “them”. We are very excited to see what will come of it: the super meltdown, great love relationships, partnerships or realizing boundaries and freedom.

Triff#1 took place as part of the “Advent Calendar” of the NeueMusikZentrale Essen. – An anticipated celebration of love:

On December 3rd 2022 5pm-5:45pm and 6:30pm-7:15pm
Viehoferplatz 18, Essen


We met – from Stuttgart / the Drei Orangen collective

The work-in-progress evening presented a interpretation of the music theatre of the Drei Orangen Collectiv called “HUGO – eine Heldengeschichte” (HUGO – a story of heroes)

Tilman Schaal – trombone, monotron
Neus Estarellas Calderòn – Toypiano, Melodica, Piano
Philipp Kaiser – video art / mapping art

Francesco Matejcek – performer
Hanna Schörken – voice
Daniela Petry – double bass, monotron

and guests
Phoebe Bognár – Flute, Florian Bergman – Bassclarinett, Jaime Moraga Vasquez – Percussion,
Christoph Irmer – Violin, Yannick Hettich – Viola, Yiyang Zhao – Cello,


music inspired by Mikel Urquiza “Clair de lune au bosco”
Sarah Nemtsov “Chamber”
Brian Ferneyhough “trittico per G.S.” (detail)
Morton Feldman “music for voice and instruments”

video art
turned the NeueMusikZentrale into a merry-go-round of superhero figures: characters from Phoenix and “rubber boot throwing masters”, humanoid robots and grandma in her garden – got in and spinned around with us. By the way, the hero’s name is HUGO, it is the music theater production of the Drei Orangen collective we put ourselfes in. HUGO is an everyday hero that could also be the next seater.

Chris Grammel

video research
Leon Schirdewahn-Debring, Philipp Kaiser, Daniela Petry

About Drei Orangen / Three Oranges:
Since 2018 they have been developing music theater with elements of music, mostly with video art, jazz, improvisation, mixing contemporary works with performance.

About Triff:
“triff” is heard in some places in life:
Make your own decisions
Meet me again…
You hit it for sure – nail it

Anytime a process starts with oneself and seeks connections on the one hand, and concretization of the self on the other.
We look for boths sides, for this purpose we meet – and you.

we thank:
Ministry of Art and Science North Rhine-Westphalia, Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Ruhr e.V.