CROSSMiND dance & music // Performane – Workshop

At the two-day workshop CROSSMiND you will become a creative group with professional performance artists. Together you develop your own ideas and turn them into a set of a performance.

Whether you sing, dance or have an instrument with you: openness and euphoria are more important than previous knowledge and experience.

A special highlight awaits you at the end. Together with us you will present the jointly developed performance in front of a public audience.

Participation is free, so dare to send your registration before all seats are gone!

The most important things at a glance:

Music and dance workshop followed by a live performance

When and where?
Workshop: 10/30 18-21h and 31.10. 15-19h
The rehearsal location in city center of Essen will be announced!
Performance: November 1, 2020
3pm Grendplatz Essen – Steele, on maps
18h Kettwigerstr / Lichtburghaus Essen – Mitte, on maps

Who can take part?

Anyone who can get excited about music and / or dance.

Basic knowledge is completely sufficient.

Participation is free. – we have sponsors!

Which professionals do I work with?
Mascha Corman – vocals

Daniela Petry – string instruments (guitar, bass, ..)

Sebastian Wendt (all wind instruments)

Norman Jankowski – percussions,

Danilo Cardoso – choreography and dance

Anlamadim ?! Problem degil, biraz Türce conusioruz (:

Registration and information: Tel: 017624022904 Mail: Contact

CROSSMiND is music and dance by and with you and us. As in real life, CROSSMiND communicates in a variety of ways. Spontaneous impulses and sound imitations alternate with longer, deeper passages. There is a constant exchange between perspectives, ideas and people. By listening to one another, inspiring and engaging with one another, a lively community is created alongside the stage play itself, which connects cultures, generations, talents and personalities.

A project of Labor519 gem. V. in cooperation with Gruppe Moment and cultural actors and other local initiatives in Essen / Steele and the city center.
Active cooperation partners: Labor 519 acc. V., Unperfekthaus Essen, Steele stays colorful, learn to play guitar in Essen, Samadyana Company
Sponsors: Kulturamt Essen, Allbau Foundation for Culture, Unperfekthaus Essen

Registration and information: Tel: 017624022904 Mail: Contact


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April 7, 2020