“Zu Tage – Forschung” – (Research)

May 2024 in Essen,

Exact Dates

Music inspired by different mictotonal music structures (tba), Hildegard von Bingen, Simon Steen Anderson



Lara Süß – Vocals, Performance

Francesco Matejcek – Voice, Physical Theatre

Robert Beck – Clarinet, Performance

Daniela Petry – Double Bass, Performance

Matthias Geuting – Organ, Casio-sa46, Performance

Frauke Meyer – Scenic Consultation


In our hectic, noisy world, the search for silence is often an act of rebellion, an irony that prompts us to contemplate the subtle nuances and potential of this perceived absence of activity.

In this performance, we explore the complexity of silence. Through movement, sound, and visual representations, we create a space that encompasses both peace and fear, serenity and loneliness. We stretch the perception of time and space, inviting you to lose yourself in a moment and engage deeply with your surroundings.

“To Light” is a critical reflection on the excessive stimulation of our world, offering perspectives on the often underestimated concept of “constantly rearranging anew”.

Join us as we rehearse and develop:



“Zu Tage” is supported by the Kunststiftung NRW and the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW, as well as the Labor519 gem.V.